How to build a STRONG TNT canon in Minecraft

This post is about building your TNT canon in Minecraft. It will be very strong. -Tested-

Blocks to use:

  • 22 Obsidian
  • 1 Stone Slab
  • 4 Redstone Repeaters
  • 13 Redstone Wire
  • 1 Bucket of Water
  • Lots of TNT
  • 1 Button
  1. Firstly, build a U from Obsidian (9 blocks long & 3 wide)
  2. The un-joined space will be where the TNT will shoot. That means you have to build a 2-block line on one side of the opening. Leave the other side as it is.
  3. Lay redstone wire on all the Obsidian, leaving one block on the side without the higher bit empty. Leave only the end of that particular side without redstone. Also don’t put it on the bottom of the U. That will be the space for the button.
  4. Put a button on the bottom of the U. Then put water the block in front of it.
  5. Above the water, place a block of Obsidian. That will decrease the chance of you putting the TNT into the water source.
  6. After that, place a Stone Slab INTO the opening of the U-shape, or the cannon.
  7. When done with that, on the side with the higher part, lay 4 repeaters with the ticks set to 4 on all. That will let the TNT explode AFTER it was launched.
  8. Lay TNT into all the places with water,  except the water source. Also lay the TNT onto the half-slab.

Now it’s your turn to kill your enemies with the power of your TNT! Warning: Don’t press the button if you have the TNT only on the slab!  Otherwise, your canon will explode!


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