Subnautica Game Review

Even though I don’t play it regularly, I think that Subnautica is a great game. Its versions aren’t official releases, so even I can’t tell you that in the future it will be the best game ever. Below is a quote from Valve Inc:

“Some games are built inside boxes. No one can see inside the box, they can’t enjoy the game while it is being built, and its strength depends completely on the skill of the people inside the box. Other games are made out in the open in full view, with countless people contributing to them in innumerable ways. They can be enjoyed while they are pieced together. At Unknown Worlds, we like making games in the open. It’s more fun that way, and we think it makes better games.” – Unknown Worlds (Creator of Subnautica)

I think that even though this game is frightening, I reccomend you guys to play it. Personally, I like exploring depths of the sea, so I would download it. I hope that you like this game, MineplatzServer


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